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The testimonials we receive from our clients highlight the level of attention and integrity we offer every client. Our commitment to providing you with high quality service and excellent information is our driving force.

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Here's what our client's have to say:

“I hired AIA (Arizona Investigative Associates) from a recommendation of a respected co-worker of mine that is also an investigator. It is difficult for an investigator (especially myself) to hand over an investigation to a new vendor not knowing their work product. But... all of my hesitation and fears of an unpolished and lacking investigation were easily put at ease with Justin's first report.  When I received their update they had already uncovered additional inconsistencies and flags and set up an action plan to encompass everything they’d already learned to ensure a complete investigation. At any one time I knew where we stood with the investigation and if Claims wanted information... I'd just pull up my last update.

AIA has a good background in what companies expect in an  investigation. They know that everyone that we deal with can be potential customers and the company wants to ensure a recorded statement doesn't turn into an interrogation.

It was hard for me to pick AIA's top attributes... they demonstrated their great results at a reasonable price, the report was detailed and on-time, and was very personable. I could not have asked for a better investigative company.

I am writing this recommendation because I have received several sub par investigations from many large and small investigative companies and/or I have to baby-sit the investigator throughout the whole assignment. AIA is different and... when you give them an assignment, they will get you results quickly and thoroughly.”
SIU Investigator
June 23, 2008

“Mr. Torres and Mr. Yentes have turned their integrity and attention to detail into an outstanding business model that works well in concept and in practice. I would recommend them to anyone in need of any type of investigative service, whether the smallest personal matter or the largest corporate or criminal issue.” 
May 7, 2008

“Your services were invaluable in helping us win an acquittal for (my client).  If my firm is ever in need of investigative services in the Phoenix area again, you will be our first call.”

National law firm
Studio City, CA
August 25, 2007