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Our Services

When you suspect a problem within your company, the situation requires an immediate investigation. Any delay can worsen the situation, which in turn creates legal challenges. These challenges can divert time, money, and man-hours from your business.


An internal investigation is an important undertaking. The future of your company could depend on how well the investigation is handled. At Arizona Investigative Associates, our investigators have the experience, the credentials, and the discretion to carry out an investigation of any size and at any location.


An independent internal investigation, one that is comprehensive, timely, and well-structured, can minimize or even shield your company from liabilities, governmental sanctions, and/or criminal actions.  Contact us today to discuss your options.


Arizona Investigative Associates, PLLC specializes in the following areas:

· Asset Search

· Background Check

· Burglary Investigation

· Case Preparation for Prosecution

· Contestable Death

· Copyright Violation

· Crime Scene Analysis

· Criminal Defense Preparation
· Disability Claims

· Embezzlement

· Expert Witness

· Field Inspection

· Fraud Investigation

· Information Verification

· Insurance Fraud

· Locates/Skip tracing

· Media Crisis Management

· Money Laundering

· Non-compete Violation

· Occupancy Verification

· Patent infringements

· Surveillance

· Traffic Accident Reconstruction

· Training Services

· Translation Services

· Undercover Investigations

· Collateral Verification

· Witness Location and Interviews

· Workmen's Compensation Claims

· Etc., Please Ask