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Arizona Public Records Law, ARS 39-121

March 18, 2010

One of the best ways attributes of a successful private investigator is a strong knowledge of public records laws.  In Arizona, public records are governed by Arizona Revised Statute 39-121 and are vital to nearly every investigation.  Also, if you’re looking to get a job as a private investigator, one way to ensure that you impress your potential employer is to show a strong knowledge in this field.

This news article was posted today in an Arizona newspaper and discusses the issue in further detail.  If you have questions about what records are public and how to obtain the information you need, contact us today.

Here’s the article.

Watch out for Private Investigators without a license

March 5, 2010

California and Arizona have seen an increase in unlicensed individuals selling their services as private investigators.

Click here to see the full report out of California.

Arizona has very strict rules to govern the investigative industry.  It is always a good practice to ask to see the photo identification card issued by DPS of anyone that you’re considering hiring to conduct an investigation.