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Family Law Support

Arizona is a no-fault divorce state.  This means that the only reason for divorce under Arizona law is that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

In terms of property, some spouses try to hide assets from the other. Divorce fraud occurs when one party fails to inform the other party of all assets they own. Our Private Investigators are able to locate real estate, automobiles, boats, atv’s and other vehicles, business interests and any other tangible property interests held by your spouse regardless of the city, state or country they’re located in.

In an attempt to persuade the court to believe that they don’t make enough money to afford to pay alimony, some spouses often minimize their income. On the other side, a spouse seeking alimony may under-report their income in an attempt to persuade the court to believe that they don’t make enough money to meet their monthly expenses.  Hiring Arizona Investigative Associates (AIA) gives you and assurance of the facts and can prove whether a subject has a place of employment that is not being reported or there is co-habitation involved (which could decrease alimony and monetary support decisions made by a court based on reduced financial need in your spouse).

AIA Private Investigators help with trial preparation in the form of locating and interviewing witnesses, obtaining police and court records and other background investigations concerning individuals associated with a case.

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